About Me

👋 Hi, I’m Pat McGown and this is about me.

As the CEO of Cloudwell and a longtime Microsoft 365 advocate, I launched “Pat’s M365 Horizons” to explore and share the transformative power of Microsoft’s suite in the modern workplace. My journey began with SharePoint back in 2002, evolving alongside Microsoft 365’s growth to enhance how we work and collaborate.

When I’m not exploring new tech, you’ll catch me on the tennis court, cheering for Washington D.C. sports teams, diving into my vinyl collection, or building my next Lego set. Life at home is just as lively, with my fantastic and supportive wife, three incredible kids, and two dogs who keep things interesting. It’s this mix of tunes, tech, and family time that keeps me inspired.

This blog is your compass in the vast Microsoft 365 ecosystem. From SharePoint intricacies to Power Platform innovations and more, I’m here to share insights, tips, and strategies to streamline your workflow and amplify your impact.

Featured on The Intrazone Podcast

In a recent highlight of my career, I was invited by Microsoft to discuss the significant impact of SharePoint web parts on The Intrazone podcast, hosted by Mark Kashman, in October 2023. This discussion covered everything from the evolution of web parts to delivering productivity-enhancing solutions.

Why Follow Along?

Insights and Innovations: Leveraging years of experience to bring you the latest and most effective Microsoft 365 solutions.
Practical Guides: Straightforward content designed to enhance your Microsoft 365 productivity and efficiency.
Future-Focused: A look ahead at emerging trends within Microsoft 365, preparing you for the evolving digital workplace.

Let’s Navigate Together

Whether you’re here for tech tips or curious about the person behind the posts, let’s connect. “Pat’s M365 Horizons” is not just a blog; it’s a community of curious minds eager to unlock the transformative power of Microsoft 365.

Let’s explore the horizons of Microsoft 365 together ☁️