SharePoint Premium for Copilot

Prepare for Copilot for Microsoft 365 with SharePoint Premium

As the digital workplace evolves, the integration of AI tools like Microsoft Copilot into our Microsoft 365 ecosystem is not just inevitable but essential for pushing the boundaries of productivity and collaboration. However, without proper preparations, such advancements could inadvertently expose sensitive data, ranging from financial records to internal HR documents.

The Gateway to Safeguarding with SharePoint Premium

Enter SharePoint Premium – your beacon for navigating these waters. With its advanced content management and experiences, including robust security measures and data governance, SharePoint Premium is pivotal for organizations gearing up for Copilot. Let’s dive into how SharePoint Premium not only paves the way for a secure Copilot implementation but also elevates your content management strategies.

Understanding SharePoint Premium

Formerly known as Microsoft Syntex, SharePoint Premium offers a suite of AI, automation, and enhanced security features tailored for modern content management. From now through June 2024, you have the opportunity to experiment with SharePoint Premium at no extra charge – a timely offer given Copilot’s reliance on the rich data fabric of Microsoft 365.

Why SharePoint Premium Matters Now More Than Ever

With Copilot set to enhance content discoverability and accessibility within Microsoft 365, addressing potential security and compliance risks upfront is critical. Here’s how SharePoint Premium steps in:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Convert scanned documents and images into machine-readable text. This feature not only aids in content discoverability but also safeguards sensitive information embedded within your documents, ensuring they adhere to compliance and retention policies.
  • Content Governance Insights: Leverage AI-driven tools to review and refine access controls and sharing policies across your SharePoint sites, ensuring that only the right eyes have access to the right information.
  • Data Access Governance Reports: Easily identify and rectify overshared sites, applying stringent compliance and privacy settings to maintain the integrity of your organizational data.
  • Content Lifecycle Management: Take control of your content sprawl by managing access, setting permissions, and ensuring content relevance and security throughout its lifecycle.
  • Content Tagging and Sensitivity Labels: Automatically tag and classify content, applying sensitivity labels to manage confidentiality and access, thus preparing your data landscape for a seamless Copilot integration.

Confidently Embrace Copilot with SharePoint Premium

The introduction of Copilot for Microsoft 365 represents a significant leap forward in our quest for smarter, more efficient workspaces. Yet, the foundation of its success lies in the structured, well-governed content SharePoint Premium facilitates. By harnessing SharePoint Premium’s advanced content management, you can confidently welcome Copilot into your organization, ensuring your data is not only accessible but protected and compliant.

Getting Started: Resources and Guides

Here are some helpful resources to help embark on your advanced content management and experiences with SharePoint Premium and Copilot for Microsoft 365:

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