Microsoft SharePoint Online: New section backgrounds in Pages and News

New Branding Options on the Horizon: Enhancing Your Brand Identity in SharePoint Online

If you’ve been navigating the SharePoint Online waters for some time, you’re well aware of its robust capabilities for teamwork and content management. But when it comes to personalizing your sites to reflect your organization’s brand, options have been somewhat limited.

Exciting Updates on the Horizon

Today’s announcement from Microsoft marks a welcomed milestone, unveiling new capabilities for us to brand SharePoint page sections with curated images or gradient backgrounds. Set to begin rolling out in mid-March 2024, this feature extends beyond aesthetics, incorporating settings designed to uphold accessibility. This feature promises to transform our SharePoint environments, making them not only more visually appealing but also user-friendly and inclusive.

Yet, There’s Room to Grow

While this update opens new doors, the full expression of your brand identity awaits the ability to use custom images. Microsoft hints this feature is on its way starting April 2024, promising even more flexibility for your SharePoint sites.

On the Topic of Sections, What about the Tab?

As we dive into the latest enhancements to SharePoint’s sections, it’s hard not to reminisce about the previous significant update – collapsible sections. But wait, wasn’t there talk about introducing a tab section feature too? My memory certainly hasn’t failed me; this highly anticipated addition was indeed slated for a future release. Yet, here we are, still on the lookout.

Preparing for this update

With the rollout of this exciting new feature on the horizon, now is the perfect moment for you to envision the potential makeover these branding options will bring to your organization’s SharePoint sites. While no immediate action is necessary, considering a heads-up to your site owners about these upcoming changes so they can prepare.

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